Account Does not Exist

Hotmail Account Doesn’t Exist

Hotmail Support - Hotmail Account Does Not Exist

This problem is very unique, as it could be a simple typo error.

Check again the email address that you are typing, possibly it is wrong and if it is correct then there are two possibilities:

  1. You have not used your email account for a long time (probably a year) and your account has been removed from the server because of non-usage.
  2. You have made some changes in the alias, because of which the primary email address has been removed from your account. This happens generally when you change the account on Xbox etc.

To fix this kind of problem we have very limited options

  1. Check the availability of the email account online if it is available, create one, it will be new email account.
  2. Try to add back the alias in the new account and remove the alias of the new account.

If still, you are not able to fix the problem we would suggest you get in touch with Hotmail Support or Hotmail help or Fill in the Technician Help Form.

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