Action Required to Sync Email

Sometimes Email Account Stops working on your New Phone at the time of the first Setup. It should look like below

Hotmail Support

Action requires to sync email is a common error message when there is any change in the account settings which could be due to intentional account changes or changes done by someone else when Hotmail Account Gets Hacked!

To fix this problem, click on the email and select the second option which is “Continue using this app” that should fix the problem.

and if the problem still exists then  uninstall the existing official app and try with the new email app. it should work fine

Blank Hotmail Page

If you Get a Blank Hotmail or Outlook Page…



Hotmail Support Number

Steps to follow to fix the issue by Hotmail Support :

  1. Delete the cookies from the browser.
  2. Restart your Computer or Laptop or Mobile Device.
  3. Try to reset the browser
  4. Turn off all the extensions installed on the browsers
  5. Turn off all the plugins installed on the browser
  6. Install a new browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Etc.
  7. Change the default browser settings.

Recovery Code For Hotmail

What is a Recovery Code? How does it work?

A Recovery Code is like a master code that you can use why your account is hacked or you don’t have access to the old security information or your account is blocked. Hotmail Support always recommends all the users to take a backup of the recovery code.

How to take the backup of Recovery code and where can find one?

Hotmail Support

A recovery Code is a 25 character alphanumeric code as you can see above.

For this, you have to go to the advanced settings,

  1. Click on your Name on the Top Right, when you log in to your account.
  2. Select View Account from the list of options.
  3. Click on Security, on the top blue Strip.
  4. At the Bottom, we have More Security Settings, Click on More Security Settings.
  5. You will see Recovery Code and below that we have Generate New, click on Generate and take a print out of that.

How to Use Recovery Code?

  1. If you are not able to Login to your Account, Click on the Forgotten Password.
  2. Select “I know my password but Can’t log in”
  3. type the special characters.
  4. Select the information that you have, like a Recovery  Phone Number or An Email Address. And send a code to Reset the Password for your Account.
  5. If you don’t have that Number or Email Address linked to your Account then Select “I don’t have any of these” and Then it will ask for the recovery code, type in the recovery code and reset your Hotmail Account password.